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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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tonight. good evening, i'm jessica dean ukee washington is off tonight people are battling that bitter cold by bundling up, just like our own meteorologist lauren casey, on a very chilly cbs-3 sky deck, lauren. >> absolutely cold temperatures. you can feel it as soon as you get near the door let alone go outside the door. temperatures on the decline over the last several days where we are in the middle 40 's on sunday. yesterday our christmas holiday 40-degree high temperature. today we barely made it into the lower 30's. a high temperature at 33 degrees in philadelphia about 10 degrees shy of our normal high temperature of 42. starting day off in the 20's. now temperatures have fallen south of freezing in philadelphia and we are going to have numerous days, where temperatures do not surpass that freezing mark once again. we are at 23 in allentown. twelve in mount pocono. we have fallen back in the 20 's in atlantic city. no, sir as blustery today as yesterday when we had wind in
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the 50 miles an hour range but still dealt with the bitter breeze, wind speed elevated a bit in philadelphia right now at 12 miles an hour, getting a break in allentown. we are seeing a breeze overnight tonight, so feels like temperatures still being impacted feeling like 21 in philadelphia. feeling like 18 in reading. feels like two right now in mount pocono. yes, we will be dealing with continuous self freezing temperatures multiple days in the upcoming weekend. we need to hunker down and prepare for this cold potentially wind chills near 0-d tomorrow night, early thursday and we could have our coldest new years day, in philadelphia , in over 40 years i will have details on what to expect with this extended very licensing, very arduous bitter blast in your full forecast in just a few. >> lauren, thanks very much. bundled up holiday travelers are making their way to and from 30th street station in philadelphia. this afternoon where lanes
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were long as people wait todd depart the city. others wheeled their suitcases through station eager to return home after a busy holiday weekend. some shoppers are in a rush to return those unwanted christmas gifts others are out and about looking for powe holiday deals. our chantee lens is live in cherry hill mall in camden county new jersey with that story, chantee. >> reporter: boy, are there lots of deals, shoppers still taking up to the hallways here , deep deals, 50 to 75 percent. of all of the people i spoke work long lines, in one is complaining. if you see a walk around cherry hill mall it is easy to see that the day after christmas for many shoppers, is like a marathon. >> it it is like home items but some of the christmas stuff, you know, christmas, yeah. 50 percent off is okay but 75 is, almost free. >> reporter: it is deep
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discounts that many like claudia wait for a cord together national retail federation 53 percent of consumers overall plan to spend about the same as lah last year while 24 percent tend to spend more. either way folks we spoke with said strategy is the key. >> right now, but i like to come to the mall, get in and out and i'm not bumping into people. >> taking off early beating crowd. >> reporter: some shoppers did their shop on line but scott found herself away from the computer and back inside the mall to avoid gift return mailing/shipping cost. >> wheat having to do it, mail it back would i rather get to the store. easier if they have same brand and we can exchange to it day instead of mailing, paying shipping costs, it is kind of easier. >> reporter: back out here live here there is still plenty of time to shop. the doors at this mall will stay opened a half an hour later until 10:00 p.m. that is very latest live from cherry hill mall chantee lens
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for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. robbery suspect is shot by police after a brief pursuit in west philadelphia this morning. police say that suspect wanted for two robberies crashed into another car at forty-ninth and walnut while trying to get away. an officer shot mant in the chest after he allegedly tried to pull what appeared to be a weapon from his waste way band , that officer was not hurt. >> the officer had to protect himself and other people present. when you are armed with knowledge of being a gunpoint robbery and person refuses command, you have a duty to protect yourself when other people are present. >> officer involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative cuting pending out cod of the investigation. the suspect remained in critical condition. authorities are investigating a deadly shooting in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood this happened this afternoon, on green street. an 18 year-old male was shot once in the stomach and twice in the neck. the vick them was transported to temple university hospital where he was pronounced dead. police have not made any arose
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s. we're hearing tonight from the mother of an infant mauled by a racoon. that little girl named journey is now on the road to recovery after being released from the hospital, and david spunt talked to journey's mother. he is live in our sat center tonight. >> reporter: she's an incredible girl. she not only survived this brutal attack as a four month-old but she has a terrific prognosis according to doctors and she has a powerful will to bounce back it is all smiles for ashley rodgers and her four month-old baby journey who is back in mother's arms, after a racoon mauled her face, inside their philadelphia rental home last week. >> she was laying on the floor with blood, all over the face. >> reporter: little journey was rush to the hospital where she received, 65 stitches and multiple rabies shots. >> she's real strong. all she wanted to do after was get to sleep. she wasn't even crying. she was just trying to go to
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sleep. >> reporter: rodgers tells "eyewitness news" that she just moved in the north 22nd street apartment with her two kid only a few days before the racoon attack. neighbors say rodentses are a serious problem here according to the department of lengths and inspections the owner of the home does not have a license to rent the property. officials are investigating: after days of an unknown frightening journey, this little journey came back from the hospital on christmas day. >> good christmas gift, because we weren't sure how i would spend it in there. she was happy when she found out, when they knew what they were saying. >> amazing journey and her family are staying in the local hotel while they are looking for permanent place to stay. if you'd like to donate to the go fund me page that directly benefits the family you can find a lincoln cbs tough little girl, jessica. foles did a great job with
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the giants but he need help, with the offensive game. it was very obvious last night defense stepped up. they did a great job keeping us in the game but owe even if need work. >> we got the w that is all that matter tough game, cold weather, windy, foles was a little inconsistent but d stepped up when they needed to , created turnovers when we needed them. >> win brings excitement and worry, some fans are concerned about the way the eagles played, but they still managed to clinch the number one spot in the nfc were the big victory over raiders. it wasn't a pretty win as you her those fans said. >> nope. >> but defense stepped up, they did what they needed to do don's here now. coach pederson even talk about how it wasn't the prettiest. >> did he. they will not get any beauty pageant ward, it will in the go in canton for the way they played here last night but they were able to get it done. every nfc season has peaks and valleys. eagles were at their highest
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point about a month ago. they are trying to get back to that plateau. last night they beat raiders by nine points, they clinched home field advantage throughout the playoffs but nick foles as you heard fans there talking, he struggled while philadelphia carson wentz one touchdown be, one pick, 163-yard passing. fan base panic, well, doug period son he remains calm. >> everything is fix be, correctable, he will learn from it. we will learn from it. it is really just a good thing too when you can play again, you play sort as poor and sloppy, but still have a chance and pull it out in the end with a two minute drive to put yourself in a position to kick that game winner. >> glass half full. next um forbidder a relatively meaningless game against the cowboys, in the season finally, coming up later in sports pederson talks about the possibility of resting guys, before the playoffs. >> that should be interesting.
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>> yes. >> interesting discussion. >> as you well know for most of the season we have been keeping an eye on the eagles odd of reaching the big game. >> yes, we have been talking about that. so here's how things are looking after the win over the raiders. in one predictive market eagles have a 19 percent chance of hoisting lombardi trophy but in another market, which factors in injuries, carson wentz, the bird chances slip to 8 percent. as of right now patriots hold best odd in both of those markets with a 28 percent chance at once again they are so annoying up there, in new england, once again winning it all 28 percent chance for new england. yes, injuries playing a factor , who knew, carson wentz , they missed something when he is not in the game you may have noticed he has a spark after all. >> something extra. >> special. >> we will see new a little bit, don, thanks. still to come the holiday season continues and tonight is first night of kwanzaa. a look at how the celebrations
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are kicking off right here in our area. cold leading to cracked water mains where crews are cleaning up after two more pipes burst.
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back on "eyewitness news" now with a very frigid scene from the poconos. this cold weather is perfect for skiers, snow borders, and for those snow machines cranking out fresh powder. we will check back in with meteorologist lauren casey with the very latedes on the bitter blast in a few minutes. officials say that these cold temperatures for blame for this water main break in northeast philadelphia, it happened around 7:00 this morning on the willow grove near exiter road. break left businesses in the, strip mall on willits road without water service until crews fix the problems. we are told residents are not impacted, they received water
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from a different main. another water main break caused traffic troubles ine norriton montgomery county this happened in the westbound lanes of germantown pike near hill crest avenue this morning tonight, only one lane of traffic gets by in both directions, on germantown pike as crews make repairs that 8- inch main broke 4:30 affecting at least 12 businesses. today marks start of the kwanzaa cultural holiday that honors african-american heritage and culture. "eyewitness news" live as philadelphia officials kick off festivities by illuminat ing both bet house row in kwanzaa and expired colors. reporter justin udo from kyw news radio explains importance of kwanzaa to the united children who learn all about it today. >> reporter: kwanzaa is a african holiday that honor, family, community, kill touring during a week of family celebration and culture >> we count how many days,
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with our cameras one, to, seven. >> please touch museum touched off by hosting work shops featuring different element of the holiday. >> we're exploring cultural aspects of african-american culture, heritage. >> reporter: workshops included dance performances, and a candle making class and highlighting kwanzaa seven principals. officials with the please touch museum new say by holding this program they got kwanzaa, like images and self determination, to all of the kid who came out for the experience. each one of them, filled with everyday, and use those every day, the world would be a better place. >> to understand the culture and celebrations of other people, you really start the process of opening up, and having dialogue and loving and
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learning and caring for your neighbors in your community. >> kwanzaa is an african-american holiday. >> it brings love into your heart and best place for it. you are someone who can celebrate kwanzaa and we can embrace in our group. >> it runs through january 1st with the events taking place all around the delaware valley justin udo for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> wow. >> applause. >> all right. as we continue through the holiday season and head toward a new year. >> yeah. >> story we're talking about is these temperatures. >> it is just brutal but good time, so you can hang out at home, by the fire with your family and friend, lucky enough to do so. if not you have to head out and about describing a lot of hot coffee and tea and these temperatures will stick around through the rest of the week and upcoming weekend. it is a cold night across center city philadelphia we are looking live checking in
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at 30 degrees westerly winds at 12 miles an hour. still breezy. that wind chill did not feel good and still doesn't. thirty-one is our current wind chill temperature and temperatures across our area down in the lower teens in the poconos. we are at 23 in allentown. 29 degrees in atlantic city. twenty-eight in wilmington. we have fallen below that freezing mark in philadelphia and we will stay there for multiple, upon multiple days, is there any warmth in sight any relief. nineteen in trenton. sixteen in state college. seven above in buffalo but at lee we are getting a break from the whip speed, swede speed are 4 miles an hour at dover, 11 at philly international. just 25 miles an hour. even a hint of the wind does not feel good in combination with the arctic air. if you have travel plans, heading home from the holiday or heading back home, cold, dry tomorrow, looking good, all of the clear, bitter sunshine on friday.
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so no problems on the road or the skies and in and around the delaware valley. as we head into friday we have potential for some scattered snow showers and actually several chances of snow as we head into the new year although models are all over the place at this point. scattered snow showers potentially on friday. european model giving us a chance of measurable snow on saturday and then not on new years but gfs model is indicating on new years we could see some snow, so, hopefully they will come in more alignment as we head in the next several days. they typically do stay tune for the evolving forecast. even if we have snow showers on friday minimal accumulation as indicated by gfs. euro says we will see snow heading in to saturday and early sunday. gfs does not that have snowfall so we are putting a chance of snow in there for saturday for upcoming weekend. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions right now. just a couple passing cloud. we will see increasing cloud as we head in the overnight period. 19 degrees our overnight low, and definitely frigid.
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included to start tomorrow morning, turning sunny but not turning up our temperatures, 28 degrees, still breezy at times with north westerly wind at 10 to 15 miles an hour. we will start at 7:00, heading out inn about, 22 degrees. increasing sunshine in the lunch hour. stilled in middle 20's. by 5:00 o'clock hour still a breeze 26 degrees and those wind chills will be down in the teens. future wind chill temperatures license brutal, teens overnight tonight, single digits, in the lehigh valley. as we head into tomorrow night and early thursday morning. i would not be shocked in we see a wind chill advisory for carbon, monroe counties, potential 17 below wind chill by early thursday morning and those higher elevations near zero in allentown. five above in philadelphia potential wind chill temperature of three in atlantic city. dangerous wind chills.
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our actual air temperature 12 degrees. we have multiple nights where we will spend down in the teens. there are your snow chances for friday and saturday. and then as we head in the upcoming weekend and new year 25 degrees in philadelphia with your coldest new years day since 1977. >> been a long time. >> thanks, lauren. >> don's back with more sports >> rest or no rest, that is toughest decision doug pederson makes this season, we will hear from the head coach next up in
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to play or not to play is questions for eagles starters heading in to sunday's finally with the cowboys. bird don't have anything to play for after they lock up home field advantage with the win over oakland last night.
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so now, doug pederson has to decide if nick foles and other starters need rest or reps heading in the playoffs. >> i cannot look at it, players cannot lot at it as a preseason game. we cannot rest half of the team. so, you know, it is still full steam ahead, we have to get ready furkow boys. >> interesting. we will see if that changes as we can progresses. it wasn't pretty but eagles got the job done. owe even if had 216-yard, one touchdown and a 19-10 win. that kind of performance probably won't get it done in the playoffs. nick foles admits he need to play better in order for this team to go deep in the powe season. >> sometimes games in the nfl go like this i have been part of these games before. and we have not been fortunate enough to win. you feel better when you win it. you are very humled in the sense of our defense did an amazing job giving us opportunities, and we were able to drive the ball down
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and jake made a great kick but it is something we have to clean up because we cannot go out and do that and expect to win games. switching gears sixers and flyers are both enjoying a couple days off, both teams return to action thursday night. sixers, play in portland and flyers travel to florida to take on the panthers. back to the nfl, lot of people were scratching their head that the touchdown celebration by steelers yesterday. so why is everyone doing it better angle you see this from up top, it is a snow ball fight, from the movie elf, he he is throwing his teammate with snowballs. do you see is what going on there. >> we are creative. >> i'm glad were you here to explain that to me. >> i don't know if i would have pulled that from elf specifically. >> i got snowball thing but e if is a little out there. >> very creative. >> yes. >> well, thanks, don. "cbs evening news" is minutes away, elaine quijano
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in is for jeff glor tonight. elaine. >> hello guess contact first come snow and then bitter cold snap plus why several cities are suing deet fence department over gun background checks. concerns that the f.d.a.'s food recall process may be putting lives at risk. at 95 this ballerina has no intentions of retiring her point shoes, her story just ahead on the "cbs evening
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chopper three live over eye fire at hilltop condominiums in delaware county. cruz on the scene of the 5200 block of hill top drive battling that fire. no word on any injuries or cause we will continue to track this and stay with "eyewitness news" for very latest developments. a man in new england is digging his way out of several inches of snow in what is a pre prehistoric way. eric, got a trex costume for christmas and he wanted to use it. he got out there white christmas is typical for this new hampshire town but shows us that using a snow blower while wearing a dinosaur costume is anything but typical. >> awesome. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news". in insuring here's elaine
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quijano. captioning sponsored by cbs >> quijano: step into the freezer. a christmas blizzard is followed by a bitter arctic chill. also tonight, dr. jon lapook on why this flu season could be one of the worst in years. >> this predict potentially jeopardizized lives and they left it on shelves for close to a year? >> that would be correct. >> quijano: and... >> five, sir, show your shoulders. >> quijano: no slowing down. after 67 years of teaching ballet. >> reporter: you could have stopped doing this years ago. >> that's my vitality.


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